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High Springs, FL – The Grit Foundation executive team delivered $2,500 worth of critical lifesaving equipment to the High Springs Fire Department yesterday and discussed future needs of the department. Among the items donated to the department were tactical life vests for High Springs search and rescue teams, universal life vests for rescue operations, two rescue throw bags, and three portable compact suction units.

Suction machines are pumps used to maintain an airway by removing secretions from the mouth, throat, or lungs. For first responders, these machines are critical for emergency response in being able to resuscitate and stabilize a patient. Previously, the High Springs Fire Department was utilizing a borrowed suction machine manufactured in the early 90’s.

Currently, the High Springs Fire Department serves an 85 square mile area including many local springs which attract over 1 million visitors annually to the 16 neighboring Springs.

Grit Foundation President, Matthew Harrison issued the following statement upon delivery:

“When you are on a call and every second counts, you need to have functioning equipment. In a cardiac arrest situation or as we have seen with patients who have overdosed, we use these machines to clear the airway so we can intubate the patient and restore breathing. Without the suction units, you can’t always see the airway. We are proud to support this department and this community and hope that this equipment helps saves lives and makes the job a bit easier for these first responders.”

In March of this year, the Grit Foundation became the official charity of the High Springs Fire Department with the goal to support the department and its firefighters with gear, resources, information, and training opportunities. As part of becoming the official charity of the High Springs Fire Department, the Grit Foundation will not only generate financial support for the High Springs Fire Department but will generate community support by sharing the positive work and stories of the department.

The Grit Foundation and its board members look forward to continuing its support of the High Springs Fire Department and are proud to be their official charity. The Grit Foundation awards quarterly grants to the affiliated departments supplying funds for life-saving equipment, training, department programs and communications.

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