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Let's start from the beginning

When the Grit Foundation was formed, one of the challenges our Founders wanted to over was how to leverage resources across a region. Most "Friends of" charities are limited to the resources of their immediate community. For our rural areas, this can present a very big challenge. Instead of targeting just a single department, we opted to act as an umbrella and take on the role of the "official charity" for multiple departments. As part of our bylaws, there is equal representation from each county so that each department gets fair consideration for every grant request, regardless of size. 

What does that mean?

A department signs a formal "affiliation agreement" with the Grit Foundation designating the Foundation as the official or an official charity for that particular department. This allows the Grit to work on behalf of the department to garner support for their needs not covered by the department's operating budget. It does not preclude a department from receiving grants from other organizations nor does it prevent them from working on projects or initiatives with other organizations. 

Is there a fee to join the Grit Foundation?

There is no fee or money required for a department to become an affiliated department of the Grit Foundation.

How does a department become an affiliated department?

1. Email expressing interest in becoming an affiliated department

2. You will receive a copy of our standard affiliation agreement for review

3. Once both parties have signed and executed the agreement, the department is eligible to apply for grants and to apply for the Nitty Gritty Cooking Team's services.

When will you be adding more counties?

Currently, we serve Gilchrist, Alachua, Putnam, Union, Bradford, and Clay county. We will be adding surrounding counties in 2020 with the goal of expanding across the State in the near future. As additional counties are added, we will be expanding our Board of Directors to ensure representation for each County and their respective departments.

Affiliation Process

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