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Nitty Gritty Cookin' Team

When our team heard that our law enforcement aviation crews didn't have their meals taken care of during a recent community event, we jumped at the chance to feed our first responders.  It didn't take long before grandmothers were on board helping bake desserts and we even got our in-house firefighter to whip up a pan of baked ziti. It got us to thinking, how many other people love cooking for a great cause?


Turns out, A LOT! And so our Nitty Gritty Cookin' Team was born! When a hot meal is needed for our first responders due to a mandatory overtime or a natural disaster, we want to feed our guys and gals with the best home cookin' we can find.


Do you love your local first responders and want to help in times of need? Join the #NittyGrittyCookinTeam! We provide all of the utensils, serving dishes, and drinks to make it easy for you to focus on a great meal. Who knows? That favorite family recipe may just become a community favorite!


Click here to join the Nitty Gritty Cookin Team

Department Request Form

The Nitty Gritty Cookin' Team is happy to help serve our departments in times of overtime, events or training. We are happy to serve at events or just bring by lunch during training meetings. To request this service from our team, please fill out the form below. 

Department  Request Form
What kind of meal do you need provided

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